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We are Volta24. Based out of Milwaukee, WI with over 40 years experience in the motor and conveyor industry.

We have professional and experienced sales personnel as well as an engineering team that is always looking for the most innovative ideas. We utilize the latest in gear-less technology to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and the industry.

Our Featured Product

An MDR That's Fearless... and Gearless...

The V24 MDR offers all the advantages of gear-less technology with benefits of reduced maintenance, energy saving, and improved performance.

Key Features
  • More Torque – fewer MDR’s are needed for each section of the conveyor

  • No Gears – Fewer components, fewer failure points

  • Single Thru-Shaft Construction - Single shaft provides a more rigid and robust design

  • Compact Design – unit mounts easily under conveyor and between rails

  • One Size Fits All – the same MDR can be used on multiple frame widths. No need to stock extra inventory.




To meet high expectations of the conveyor market, Volta24 has developed its own Motorized Drive Roller. This product offers more torque in a smaller design envelope than any other product on the market.



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